Beirut's first institutional prop trading desk

We Train! We Fund! You Trade!

We are a team of institutional proprietary traders based out of Beirut, Lebanon. We trade listed equities on global financial markets using direct market access without any brokers or intermediaries. We also run a professional education program for those who wish to join our group and trade company funds. Our income and livelihood are generated solely from our ability to make consistent profits in the financial markets. This is our passion. It is an exciting job and it offers substantial reward to those who are willing to work hard. Being a prop trader is more than just a career; it’s a lifestyle!

Beirut Trading Desk
Beirut Trading Desk

Training Program

The Equity Market Trading Certificate (EMTC) is an intensive in-house developed macro trading course offered at our Beirut facility to ambitious individuals who want to learn how to trade using Direct-Market-Access (DMA) to global stock markets. Our instructors will provide practical lessons combined with hands-on trading experience and access to a professional trading platform and real money trading! Learn More…

Proprietary Trading

We provide training, trading funds, and leading edge technology including a professional platform with NO brokerage fees! You will get your own trading station and you will execute short-term global macro strategies across stock exchanges including: NASDAQ, NYSE, Euronext, Deutsche Börse, and more. We offer a unique opportunity to manage large accounts with up to 75% of your monthly earnings as payout Learn More..

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