Cost $550 US Dollars

This program is designed to create successful and consistent traders. It is a combination of both theoretical and practical learning that will enable students to trade listed equities professionally just like the pros of Wall Street. Candidates will follow an intense and structured program covering macro fundamental trading strategies and technical analysis. The practical learning includes simulated trading (TMS) in a real-time environment using one of the best institutional DMA (Direct-Market Access) platforms in the world.

This experience will prove extremely useful in any future career in finance and capital markets. You will be exposed on a daily basis to real market conditions and see firsthand how financial markets function. You will trade in real-time and learn to understand and master the stock market: the engine of economic growth.

What You Will Learn:

  • Macroeconomics and Fundamental Stock Selection
  • Using Technical Analysis for Entry points and Exit Strategies
  • Execution using DMA on the US Equities Markets (NYSE and NASDAQ)
  • How to trade the Market Depth and Understand Time and Sales (TAS)
  • How to use: Price Action / Volume / Order Flow
  • Money Management using a Monthly Profit Projection Risk Calculation (MPP)
  • How to Increase your: Buying Power / Daily Risk / Default Shares
  • How to develop: Consistency / Control / Pattern Recognition



Cost $1,000 USD (Risk Contribution Fee*)

WALLSTREET Proptrade Beirut is a leading Proprietary Trading and Investment firm providing individuals with successful trading careers. Our collective experience enables us to educate, coach, and support those individuals who are determined to start a new career in professional trading. We provide the trading capital (up to $1 million USD per trader) however, trainees will have to contribute some of the risks associated to their own LIVE accounts. *Candidates who contribute usually take this opportunity more seriously thus increasing their chances of success.

What you Will Get?

  • Start Live Trading with $50,000 USD
  • Up to 75% of Your Monthly Earnings
  • Active Risk Management based on a Monthly Profit Projection (MPP)
  • Account Size increase up to $1 million USD (performance-based)
  • Performance-based Maximum Daily Drawdown
  • Strong DMA platform with zero fees and zero commissions
  • Ongoing Coaching and Support throughout your trading career
  • Access to Global Exchange-Listed Stocks


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